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What Dru said

::sigh::  After two episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season Eight, I have laughed twice, smiled once, and rolled my eyes more times than I care to think about.  This show used to speak to me on a level that sometimes scared me, but now I find myself sad that Thomas Lennon and Michael Trucco are involved, because I want better for them.  Lily and Marshall's plotline was one of the few things that kept me coming back toward the end of last season, but they're not getting much in the way of depth so far, either, and I just...find that I don't care all that much.  Not when I'm super busy and there are shows that actually are at least as brilliant and innovative as HIMYM was when it started out.

So, CitW was released Tuesday, but, as much as I just wanted to sit down and watch it the second I got my mitts on it, I had to wait until tonight due to a prior engagement yesterday with the dullest movie ever made**.  I saw it twice in theater and read the novelization (which was actually really good for the most part, and I recommend it if you find you really like the movie, or if you think you would like the story but don't think you can handle the visuals***), and here are some thoughts I had this time through:


* In truth, these are five thoughts after pausing at 1:01:11 on a shot that makes me cry because I'm not ready yet to move forward in this movie without this character who is in the process of being killed.  DAMN YOU, WHEDON (AND GODDARD) FOR MAKING ME LOVE ALL OF THE CHARACTERS IN A CABIN-BASED HORROR FILM.

** In the Mood for Love.  I was at least warned about how boring it was going to be because I had read Kevin Murphy's review of it in A Year at the Movies, but holy CRAP, just because you know it will be dull doesn't mean you are actually prepared for it.  Having now spent 90 minutes in purgatory, I am almost compelled to renounce agnosticism to make sure there is no chance I will EVER go back.

*** Which are some of the most brutal I have ever seen - with good reason; it's not gratuitous in CitW's case - and I've watched a fair few horror movies.  Granted, I generally stay away from movies that rely primarily on gore, and I straight up never watch torture films if I can avoid them, but the point is, CitW does not shy away from some really horrific images.

Well, hullo! I'm still alive!

I hope to have more of a substantial update someday in the not too distant future, but for now, I just wanted to express my delight at discovering, upon starting back in earnest on All Creatures Great and Small, that they've added a new character in the fourth season who has a Scottish accent, and who speaks Russian very briefly in his second episode.  YES PLEASE MORE OF THIS.  (Not that I have language turn-ons or anything, oh no, not me...)

...and it should not at all be inferred from the above that Peter Davison isn't still my biggest draw, because he is.  My gawd, I love Tristan so much, the terrible little scallywag.

I love everything about this show, I really do.


If anyone has ever wanted to hear my personal philosophy in under a minute, here's a clip from Boy Meets World that got it perfectly*.

Transcript behind the cut.Collapse )

* It's not really a coincidence that this is what happened the first time my current Co-Favourite Characters from Anything Ever had a conversation just the two of them. 
Also, I do realize the irony in me asserting this philosophy two weeks before moving halfway across the country, far, far away from everyone I know and love, but I couldn't do it without the internet and cell phones to keep everyone close.

Well, this is just strangely amusing...

I don't know *how* I forgot that Mark Hamill voiced Zuko's father, but he keeps Joker laughing in this episode I'm rewatching now ("Nightmares and Daydreams"), which is making an already surreal episode all the more so.  This adds so many layers of weird to the fact that he also voiced Tony Zucco in The Batman, which, when I watched it earlier this year, prompted me to - completely obliviously - write, "I've now got an amusing mental image of a hooded man in the audience trying to firebend the Graysons to death but having it instead blow up in his face because he is made entirely of fail.  I didn't mean it, Zuko.  I love you.  Because you're such a failbot.  (I am extra amused by this because I very nearly started my A:TLA Book Two rewatch tonight instead of starting the next season of The Batman.)"

ETA: Meanwhile, Sokka and Eric Matthews are basically the exact same character, aren't they?

I Aten't Dead

It's been quiet around here of late because things have been intensely busy around here lately, nearly all of which has been either terribly boring, frustratingly awful, or both.  Entertainment-wise, I recently gave in and have been watching the last three seasons of Boy Meets World (which has necessarily prompted me to slip in a few episodes of Kim Possible here and there; Ron doesn't seem like such a direct clone of Eric if you pair KP Season Four with BMW Season Six...).  To that end, I would like to share with you my new favourite excerpt from any show ever.  Share and enjoy!
1) I just love William Daniels so much...!  And he makes me love John Adams so much that I always end up largely ignoring how brilliant Ken Howard is as Thomas Jefferson.

2) And, of course, Howard Da Silva and Blythe Danner and, y'know, THE WHOLE CAST.

3) I was really worried the copy I finally bought for myself would end up being one of the versions with "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men" and/or "Molasses to Rum" cut.  Luckily, both are intact. 
3a) It is unfortunate that it's the two morally repugnant songs that are sung by the two actors with the most gorgeous voices...

4) "Is Anybody There?" gives me chills.  Every time.  William Daniels is just the best.
4a) I love pretty much all of the songs in this show, but my favourite is definitely "But, Mr. Adams."  And, wouldn't you know, my parents managed to sit there for going on three hours watching the movie, and that was the only part they talked over?

5) I think it's a good idea to watch this movie/show every now and again to fully appreciate how different things are now compared to 1776, and to 1972...and how many things are still just the same. 

Caroline John died.  I'm gonna go cry forever, you guys.

Liz was such a wonderful character, without doubt one of my favourite Companions of all time, unlike any before or since. 

(HANG IN THERE, Manning, Levene, and Franklin; you're all we have left now of your era.)

1) The first thirty minutes or so was kind of terrible - I do not know *what* Charlize Theron was doing, but I didn't appreciate it - but it got much better once the focus shifted to the title characters.  Or at least after the bit where Bella Swan was attacked by imaginary Ringwraiths in the Fire Swamp, because seriously, what was that?

2) Chris Hemsworth really, REALLY wants me to care about Thor.
2a) Which is nice, because I will eventually watch Avengers.  Probably.
2b) He can come speak in a Scottish accent to me all day every day, and I would be fine with that.

3) It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to place Ian McShane, and then it took me even longer to  work out who William was.  I clearly need to actually WATCH my copy of OST.

4) I kind of loved the design of the fairies and the animals in the forest.  Adorable.

5) It's not a great movie, but it is good, and I got what I needed out of it.  And Kristen Stewart was legitimately good, which made me very happy.

Bonus thought) WHY THE HELL WAS THIS MOVIE NOT PG??  (Because no one will go see a PG movie.  GOOD THING THE RATINGS SYSTEM WORKS NOT AT ALL.)

Kylie Minogue was on The Soup tonight.  Do you know how photoshopped it looks when Kylie Minogue stands next to Joel McHale?  YOU DO NOW. (Warning: Contains dancing!chibi!Gosling.)

And then there was a precious little girl in the final segment, and McHale and Joe Manganiello were both sweetly adorable with her, and THAT IS NOT FAIR, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO MANGANIELLO IS.
(I know who he is.  Don't tell me he's on True Blood.  That wasn't what I meant.)

ETA: Although, if anyone wants to point out that I actually DIDN'T know who he was, because he was on HIMYM and THAT'S why I thought he looked vaguely familiar...  Yeah, anyone who wants to do that is welcome to.

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