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These are all from my livetweeting session*, but I am really beginning to feel the ephemeral disposability of Twitter and miss actually blogging.  So, for posterity, here are five of my more coherent thoughts about Justice League: Doom:

1) I don't understand why they cast Michael Rosenbaum as Barry Allen.  I just don't.  I mean, I am never going to complain about Michael Rosenbaum, but if you're going to put him in a Justice League movie as the Flash, why in the HELL would you make him Barry?  He acted exactly like Wally would have (well, Wally toward the end of JLU once he's had a little more experience to build up his confidence), and there were only two incredibly brief and completely unimportant details from Barry's life that could have VERY easily been changed for Wally-specific details without changing hardly anything at all.  If you're going to characterize your Flashes the same way AND cast the same actor, what is even the point in differentiating them?

2) Bats really Torchwooded up this time.

3) There were some absolutely incredible lines in this movie.  I love it when the leaguers toss deadpan snark and lighthearted jokes about death at one another as freely as they do here.

4) I cried.  Oh yes, I did.  I don't even remember what triggered it, but it was somewhere right around the halfway mark with that awful montage of everyone's Worst Day Ever.  I JUST CARE ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH Y'ALL.

5) There was SO MUCH DOOMY TRAUMA (which I actually really appreciate, but, y'know, TRAUMA), and some really questionable decisions (see above Re: Barry), but I thought it was really very well done.  I think in general I prefer JL movies (at least, animated) because the team dynamics are my cuppa (X-Men was my first superhero love, after all), but I'm definitely looking forward to watching Superman vs. the Elite when I get an opportunity.  I didn't even realize how much I missed the Timmverse until now, you know?

* Some have been expanded.

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