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I'm going to try to come back soon and brain dump a bit when I have time to do so, but here's something Dan Harmon wrote that might serve as sort of a prelude to what's on my mind at the moment.

PS: I am eagerly awaiting the return of Community, and I hope for only good things, and a back 9, and then two more seasons, and then (obviously) a movie...but any hope for its success is tinged with shame, and a tiny part of me is hoping Harmon-less Community is a spectacular disaster.  I'm just too much of a creator's rights girl to ever feel entirely comfortable with this situation...and I don't think I would be mistaken if I were to suggest that Abed would agree with me on this one (whether that's support for my position or against is a separate matter).

PPS: Why is there a tiny snail shell in my floor all of a sudden?

PPPS: That icon really super duper makes me miss the S1 Jeff/Abed friendship.  I mean, Abed and Troy are the greatest duo ever (sorry, Bats and Robin; you're going to have to settle for silver.  Leslie and Anne get bronze), but Jeff and Abed was something quite glorious, as well.

PPPPS: It's super obvious that I don't want to get back to work, isn't it?

PPPPPS: There is a tiny snail in the tiny snail shell!  It just poked it's little head out and waved an eyestalk at me!  I think I will put it in the pot with Spike (my giant, sprawling aloe vera, named many years ago after the DWD character, not the Spike you're thinking of).

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