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[sticky post] Media Masterpost

Contained within this post is a list of all of the books, magazines, comics, movies, television box sets, and books on tape (and now albums, too!) that I own but have not yet read/watched/listened to.

This is going to take years...Collapse )

Oh, jeeze, I bought more books today.  Watch me ruin my whole thing. (2 May 2012)

In cleaning my room, I have found a few more things that I had completely forgotten about, and I realized just how many albums I have bought that I haven't listened to all the way through and threw them on the list, too. (27 May 2012)

I hit the maximum data capacity on this post this evening, so instead of crossing things off this list, I will now be moving completed entries to the Achievement Masterpost.  OMG, this is ridiculous.  (23 July 2012)


Good lord it has been forever since I even logged in to LiveJournal.

So, instead of sleeping or doing any one of a half dozen other things I desperately need to be doing right now (or starting any of the shows I've promised people I would watch in the coming months), I thought now was a good time to start Batman: The Animated Series.  I'M JUST IN A BATMAN MOOD, OKAY?

1) Wait...is that Jeff Bennett?  Is the first voice you hear in Batman: TAS actually Jeff Bennett??
1a) Why does this surprise me so much?  I think it was actually mentioned in his Talkin' Toons episode that he was on this show.
1b) The airship-rising-above-the-clouds thing was already gonna make me think of Gargoyles, but having him in the cockpit DEFINITELY doesn't help.
1c) Is that other cop Frank Welker?  Am I totally pathetic?
1d) Rene Auberjonois! Hi, Odo!

2) Aw, I kind of love you, security guard who is about to have a very rough night.

3) Oh, that Batman voice is SO WEIRD. It's almost what I'm used to, but still SO VERY FAR OFF.
3a) Similarly, throwing a batarang instead of shooting a grappling hook is freakin' bizarre.
3b) And a broad-shouldered Gordon, after Gary Oldman's cheeseburger-deprived portrayal, is just unsettling.

4) Misdirects work so much better when you haven't seen the same story told two or three different ways before.

5) Langstrom looks like the lovechild of Halcyon Renard and Preston Vogel (you're welcome).

BONUS THOUGHT) There is something very Looney Tunes feeling about it somehow, and I think a lot of the reason I feel that way is because the music is so orchestral.  It almost makes it feel like one of the shorts Eric was talking about in "This Little Piggy."

Achievement Masterpost

This post contains a list of completed entries from the Media Masterpost, and will be updated accordingly.

I'm hoping this list will grow more quickly than the other...Collapse )
On Sunday, I had a dream in which Joel McHale worked in some sort of clothes hospital.

Allow me to explain what a clothes hospital is...Collapse )
Being as I just renewed payment on this account, I should really probably USE IT, right?  I would have done so after watching a couple of movies this weekend had I not had to instead REFORMAT MY HARD DRIVE, but maybe you'll get lucky and get to see a few thoughts about The Lake House and Superman vs. The Elite (because that's how you do a double feature in the Robincave).

These are all from my livetweeting session*, but I am really beginning to feel the ephemeral disposability of Twitter and miss actually blogging.  So, for posterity, here are five of my more coherent thoughts about Justice League: Doom:

1) I don't understand why they cast Michael Rosenbaum as Barry Allen.  I just don't.  I mean, I am never going to complain about Michael Rosenbaum, but if you're going to put him in a Justice League movie as the Flash, why in the HELL would you make him Barry?  He acted exactly like Wally would have (well, Wally toward the end of JLU once he's had a little more experience to build up his confidence), and there were only two incredibly brief and completely unimportant details from Barry's life that could have VERY easily been changed for Wally-specific details without changing hardly anything at all.  If you're going to characterize your Flashes the same way AND cast the same actor, what is even the point in differentiating them?

2) Bats really Torchwooded up this time.

3) There were some absolutely incredible lines in this movie.  I love it when the leaguers toss deadpan snark and lighthearted jokes about death at one another as freely as they do here.

4) I cried.  Oh yes, I did.  I don't even remember what triggered it, but it was somewhere right around the halfway mark with that awful montage of everyone's Worst Day Ever.  I JUST CARE ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH Y'ALL.

5) There was SO MUCH DOOMY TRAUMA (which I actually really appreciate, but, y'know, TRAUMA), and some really questionable decisions (see above Re: Barry), but I thought it was really very well done.  I think in general I prefer JL movies (at least, animated) because the team dynamics are my cuppa (X-Men was my first superhero love, after all), but I'm definitely looking forward to watching Superman vs. the Elite when I get an opportunity.  I didn't even realize how much I missed the Timmverse until now, you know?

* Some have been expanded.


I just dreamt...Collapse )

So, I don't know what any of THAT was all about.

I'm going to try to come back soon and brain dump a bit when I have time to do so, but here's something Dan Harmon wrote that might serve as sort of a prelude to what's on my mind at the moment.

PS: I am eagerly awaiting the return of Community, and I hope for only good things, and a back 9, and then two more seasons, and then (obviously) a movie...but any hope for its success is tinged with shame, and a tiny part of me is hoping Harmon-less Community is a spectacular disaster.  I'm just too much of a creator's rights girl to ever feel entirely comfortable with this situation...and I don't think I would be mistaken if I were to suggest that Abed would agree with me on this one (whether that's support for my position or against is a separate matter).

PPS: Why is there a tiny snail shell in my floor all of a sudden?

PPPS: That icon really super duper makes me miss the S1 Jeff/Abed friendship.  I mean, Abed and Troy are the greatest duo ever (sorry, Bats and Robin; you're going to have to settle for silver.  Leslie and Anne get bronze), but Jeff and Abed was something quite glorious, as well.

PPPPS: It's super obvious that I don't want to get back to work, isn't it?

PPPPPS: There is a tiny snail in the tiny snail shell!  It just poked it's little head out and waved an eyestalk at me!  I think I will put it in the pot with Spike (my giant, sprawling aloe vera, named many years ago after the DWD character, not the Spike you're thinking of).

In the midst of re-watching The Last Unicorn and remembering just how incredibly much I love the story*, something unexpectedly occurred to me:

Adaptations and pastiches that interpret Dracula's Lucy Westenra as a sexually manipulative coquette aren't just counter to my interpretation, they're actually kind of misogynistic.

Since the novel is epistolary, there is no narrative evaluation of the characters, and the text gives us no reason to suspect Lucy of anything but sincerity mixed with perhaps a bit of naivety. To suggest that a woman with multiple men interested in her must have concocted some nefarious scheme to benefit herself is to deny the reality that it is perfectly possible for men to be interested in women without any enticement or reciprocal romantic interest.  Further, to read her comments about feeling bad about hurting the feelings of men she turns down as thinly-veiled gloating denies the validity of feelings I know are real because I have felt them (which is not to say I particularly identify with Lucy, but I have been in a not dissimilar position, and it honestly does suck).

I think this has just become an even more annoyingly cynical reading than the "Quincey Morris is in Dracula's thrall" interpretation, as far as I'm concerned, and I think everyone knows how much I dislike THAT ONE.  I have a lot of respect for many of the writers who have taken the "Lucy is the 'whore' to Mina's 'angel'" tack**, and I doubt they are aware that it makes them look like scorned lovers slandering a woman even though she let them down easy and felt bad about it, but I have just decided that I am not going to be as forgiving of that interpretation in future.

...that said, Anno Dracula was a good read, and I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up the sequels eventually.  If Newman had made the Lucy angle more a part of the story, though, I might have to disavow it, now.

* bizarreoptimism, we need to spend some time talking about this next week.  I know you mentioned before that you "didn't care" about TLU, but I have to assume that's because you've never read the book or the comic, and probably haven't seen the movie in ages, if ever.  THAT'S ALL I CAN FIGURE, because this story is SO in your wheelhouse, and I need to know WHY you don't care if you are actually familiar with the story.

** Not that these writers would themselves call Lucy a whore; these terms come from a trope that was particularly prevalent in Victorian lit.

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